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Stephan, stage name of Stefano Pascale, Italian professional magician and illusionist, born on 20th July 1973, is involved mainly in "close-up" and "stage magic". He has worked for the italian national television (RAI) and in big live shows. He has cooperated to the draft of several specialised magazines with articles of magic. He is writer of books, magic consultant for TV and Festivals, inventor of tricks... lives in Italy, where he is going on to carry out with passion his "magical" work.


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During a convention Stephan can help you to motivate employees, reach out to new prospects, or simply to celebrate and entertain. Magic is one of the leading attention-getting devices used at conventions and trade-shows. It can be a useful tool to inform, entertain, and create a memorable impression on your prospective clients. Any performance or presentation can be customized to suit your specific needs, varying in show length and production size. The shows usually involve volunteers from the audience, and can easily feature special people such as guests of honor, senior management, or your event chairpersons.

Enhance your business image and highlight your company, products, or services in a unique way by featuring Stephan’s magic show at your next corporate event!

Milly CarlucciSTAGE MAGIC

Stephan creates a spectacular and magical
stage show that will enchants any audience. His repertoire includes a broad variety of sleight-of-hand tricks, mind reading feats, his personal world-famous card manipulation act and small-scale illusions. The show, performed while standing in front of the entire audience, is suitable for either a small group, or with proper staging (lighting, sound equipment etc.), the audience can consist of several hundred people. The show features comedy and audience participation and it is appropriate for conventions, large parties and banquets. Stephan take great care in discussing your particular requirements and preferences with you, and in coordinating his performance with your event staff and other scheduled entertainers.


Close-up magic is both informal and personal. People will experience magic one-on-one. Cards, napkins, coins, sponge balls and other objects magically appear, disappear, and change right before their eyes and even in their own hands! Close-up magic it is perfect for parties and banquets. During a dinner or a cocktail, Stephan can approach the table of your guests and entertain them. Stephan's primary goal is to enhance your hospitality, and contribute to the overall success of your event.


Strolling Magic can be performed anytime, anywhere, and under any situation. No special staging, lighting, or sound equipment is needed. The tricks are performed "in the hands" (without table) and on a personal level for individuals or small groups. Strolling Magic is ideal entertainment for any occasion where you want to put your guests at ease and create a welcoming atmosphere. This type of performing is most suitable for events where there is not a specific performing area.

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